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No One Beats The RED

3M Crystalline AutoFilm

The ultimate high in technology with superior clarity and performance with a premium look


Over 50 years of experience

in car window tinting

Recognized and recommended

by Skin Cancer Foundation

Glossy Shine

Drive a new look car everyday

High Hydrophobicity

Prevent water stains on your car paintwork

3M AutoFilm

3M™ AutoFilm is the solution to comfortable driving. It protects you from excessive heat and harmful UV rays while increasing your privacy and security. Worry no more about the sunlight and headlight glare from distracting you!

Get it NowWhy 3M™ AutoFilm

Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays


Block up to 95% of visible light for privacy

Up to 90% of infrared rejection

Up to 60% total solar heat rejection

3M Silica Coating

3M™ Silica Coating Protection forms a long-lasting silica layer above your car’s painted surface. It protects your car from rain and sun damage, making your car surface a breeze to clean!

Get it NowWhy 3M™ Silica Coating

High hydrophobic

High protection

High durability

3M branding

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No One Beats The RED

- Auto detailing

- 100% Genuine

- Premium Quality

3MTM AutoFilm Tint + 3MTM Silica Coating